Materialist Mantra’s


You really need to be more interesting.

Throughout every major spiritual tradition repetitive forms of prayer have been uniformly important.  Muslims pray five times a day.  Buddhist mantra’s are recited thousand of times, prostrations too.  The Lord’s Prayer or Hail Mary’s in Christendom.

Repetition is key to undoing erroneous and habitual perceptions on all levels, whether it is deep insight into the nature of self and reality, or simply gaining control over disruptive impulse and instinct and sowing true compassion and goodness at the basest level of psyche.

So what do we then make of our new mantra’s?  What do we witness every day on repeat?

The constant barrage of advertising does have a real effect.  It is materialisms mantra.  It is what sowed deeply the insecurities we then try to quell through the very things that inspire them.

Even as we are aware of their effect it is still substantial.  Consider them deeply, understand them deeply, and like any of our erroneous perception their effect will erode.

Check out ‘The Race That Never Ends’ for more consideration of materialism.


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