Translating Religion: The Human Computer

E25FBA86-AC61-F2F8-1D0BFBD2C1EFD994_1Science is quick to dismiss the propositions of many traditions who speak the spiritual mumbo jumbo of energy.  So are most empirically minded people.

What do yo mean their is an energy that flows throughout the body?  We can’t see it, we can’t measure it.  We are so precise, we can watch electrons collide and yet we can’t see of what you speak…

It would would be equally hard to understand a modern computer after opening it up and looking at the hardware.  It’s all in the software.  Just as a engineer can’t understand the programing of a computer with a screwdriver, we cannot understand many subtle phenomenon within the human body with a scalpel.

This is not to say modern science isn’t becoming useful, instruments used to examine the brain with upmost precision are becoming increasingly helpful in understanding the phenomenon some call energy or spirit.  But they are only catching up to the postulations of eastern philosophies thousands of years old.  And usually in agreement.

If you want to deal in the depths of human potential you must look inward.  Into the systems of the body so subtle they are unobservable in our hardware.  They exist in the humanity of our animal form, our overly developed neuro-network, in our software.

So when Yogis speak of chakra’s or energy winds, or any other mumbo jumbo, consider what they truly speak of.  Phenomenon in the subtle programing of our minds and bodies.  Something we yet lack the precision to observe externally, but that by no means reason to call it erroneous or pass it off as mystic.

Of course when our ancestors experienced them they called the divine, they had no other reference, now its time their language evolve to fit modernity.

Translating Religion Series —- A big problem that has occurred within institutionalized religion is the confusion of holy words.  Among the words of profits metaphors are readily implied to explain that which there are no words for.  Brining perspective to these teachings are key, when we translate them into a modern language their unity will become clear.  Look to the category tab for more translations.


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